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Debugging groovy in a process


Debugging groovy in a process

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  • Debugging groovy in a process

    Hi all

    I have a process that goes through different stages with it's own groovy code. I didn't create this and we don't have a developer anymore so I am left to try fix this.
    It was working fine until we had a corporate wide change of email address and I added the new Email details, and linked all the code to the new inbox.
    Now it doesn't work at all.

    How can I debug the groovy code within each process to see where if fails? I checked the log files and where previous it would state "Process started", it now only says "Process published" and nothing more.

    Any help at all is appreciated.

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    i know that there is a way to debug own Java classes via eclipse. I dont think it will help u.

    To debug a groovy process I´d prefer a simple / g_log.warning in different stages of the process.
    Just simple text outputs so I can see where which information is missing or not working.

    U said that it doesn´t work at all. This means it wont start at all or it crashes in a specific stadium?

    The easiest way might be to just comment stuff out and insert it step by step after an succsessful run.

    Good luck and sorry for bad English.


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      You can enable a process to log only warnings and errors. Maybe that option is active? You can find it in the process-properties.
      You should deactivate this option to have a chance to debug your process.


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        Fabian, thank you. You were correct, it just didn't run at all. I found out the issue (I create a new IMAP event source but the old GUID was still been called). These hints will help if I have to debug in future

        PS. your english is much better than my german :-)


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          Hello, I am aware that using Eclipse, one can debug their own Java classes. It won't, in my opinion, benefit you.

          I would much rather use a straightforward / g_log.warning at various points of a groovy process to debug it.
          Simple text outputs are all I need to identify the information that is incorrect or missing.

          You said that it has no effect at all. This implies that it either won't start at all or crashes at a particular stadium?

          The simplest approach could be to simply leave things out and then step-by-step re-insert them after a successful run.

          Sincere apologies for the poor English. Bitlife


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            Thanks for your answer, Siobhan.


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              For test portals there's also the possibility to remotely debug Groovy with IntelliJ.


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                Zitat von tyrone
                For test portals there's also the possibility to remotely debug Groovy with IntelliJ.

                Until now only available in Steady Track btw.