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Disable groupings with all controls inside


Disable groupings with all controls inside

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  • Intrexx 8.0 Disable groupings with all controls inside


    Could you please help me with this problem?

    Is there a way to disable (not to hide) the groupings with all controls in it?

    I have a form, with ~30 field (edit and files) controls, divided to 3 parts by groups.
    According the user permissions stored in the datagroup, one part of the page will be enabled to edit, other parts just only to view only.

    As I have several datagroups and each containing those 3 groups of controls, it would be very hard and time consuming to create separate page to each permission variation.

    I tried to disable the group with JavaScript and by modifying the expert attributes but it didn't work.
    I also tried to set up the "Show if condition are met" condition, but it just hides the control, but I need to just disable it.

    Is there some simple way to just disable the groupings?

    Thank you!

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    Setting only one control to read-only should be very easy:
    We had this topic some time ago:

    var element = getElement(<guid>);
    jQuery <1.9
    $(element).attr('readonly', true);
    jQuery 1.9+
    $(element).prop('readonly', true);
    If you want to do this with every control inside a grouping you can try creating a jQuery selector to get a list of every input-control inside the grouping you want.

    But you have to consider there may be data-pickers or other stuff on that page as well which might get tricky.